Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking to plan your next birthday party, event, or even your next weekend trip at GreatPLAY, yet are still unsure of how it all works? Scroll through our frequently asked questions and let your worries fade away!

Party prices range from $125 – $200 for up to 10 participants depending on how many activities the party includes. MEMBERS RECEIVE 10% OFF THE FINAL PARTY TOTAL.

  • $125 – Room Only
  • $175 – Two Activities (Room Included)
  • $200 – Three Activities (Room Included)

In order to secure party date, initial party price for 10 participants must be paid.

GreatPLAY has 4 party rooms. Each room has a maximum capacity.

  • Gray Room – 32 persons
  • Green Room – 24 persons
  • Blue Room – 19 persons
  • Red Room – (will accommodate 2 parties, 20 persons each party)

No; however, if the guest of honor is a member, we will discount the entire bill by 10%.

We strongly recommend a minimum age of 5 years old due to visibility and multi-levels. However, parents can accompany younger children if both are wearing vests.

No. All parties are the same amount. The Gray, Blue, and Green rooms are private rooms. The Red room is NOT private and can accommodate up to two parties at one time. The room is divided between North and South. If party requires both sides of the red room, there is an additional cost of $100.

We do not provide food. If a room is rented, food and drinks (non-alcoholic only) can be brought into the facility but must remain in the party room. We do not allow food and drinks in the trampoline area, indoor playground, laser tag, swimming pool or arcade area.

GreatPLAY offers an indoor swimming pool, laser tag, trampoline park, indoor playground, footgolf, discgolf, arcade games (play cards are purchased separately), and paintball (for an additional charge, only on Saturdays).

Extra participants (over 10) are charged depending on how many activities are selected for the party.

  • TWO activity party – $10/participant
  • THREE activity party – $11/participant

GreatPLAY highly recommends table decorations. We do not allow wall or ceiling decorations.

For a TWO and THREE activity parties, we allow 2.5 hours. We allow the party host at least 15 minutes to set up for their party. This is not included in the party time. If guests want to stay after the party is over, they will need to scan their key fob or pay for a day pass.

All party participants need to stay with the party group. It is unsafe to allow any minor child to roam the facility unattended. If an adult is available, the child can stay in the party room with the adult.

When booking your party, you will be prompted to pay the base rate of the party (you will pay additional expenses such as trampoline socks, towels, etc. after the party) to secure the reservation.

You can bring your own trampoline socks. However, they must be trampoline socks.

We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled time so we can make sure your guests are prepared to start activities as soon as the party begins. This include waiver completion, rules overview, etc.

It is the responsibility of the party host to communicate to all party participants about the trampoline.

  1. A waiver needs to be completed by a parent or guardian. This can be done on our website or at the front counter.
  2. Trampoline socks are required. They can bring their own or purchase socks at GreatPLAY for $3.25/pair. The party host needs to inform the front counter whether each participant is paying for their own socks or if we should include the sock rental on the party/event bill.

Email GreatPLAY at We will be happy to reschedule your event for a different day and apply your payment to the new date. Cancellations or reschedules cannot be accepted over the phone. Full amount paid will be refunded if cancellation is received 10 or more days prior to the party date. Cancellation received less than 10 days’ notice, party will have 30 days to reschedule. Refunds cannot be issued.

On most days, GreatPLAY has multiple parties that overlap times. Prior to the party, the front desk attendant will make a schedule for your party. This way, participants can enjoy all activities without waiting. For example, laser tag accommodates 20 players and only 20 jumpers are allowed on the trampoline at one time.

Head to or stop by GreatPLAY and fill out an agreement.

You are welcome to wear a mask, but it is not required.

No problem! We will be happy to direct your child to the correct party room and help them find their party.

You will not get the time back that has already been missed. You will be able to purchase extra time at the end of the party. When you arrive, you would start at the activity that is currently scheduled for that time slot (if time slots are available and if it does not interfere with other parties).

Parties at GreatPLAY can be reserved anytime the facility is available for laser tag and trampoline.

  • Mon – Fri : 4pm – 7:30pm
  • Saturday : 10am – 7:30pm

  • Sunday : 12pm – 5:30pm

The party cost is due by the Friday prior to the party date. Any add-ons like trampoline socks and towels will be calculated at the end of the party.

We have freezer space and refrigerator space at GreatPLAY and would be happy to store food and drinks.

A participant is a person (member or non-member) who participates in one or more activities during the party i.e. playing a game of laser tag, swimming, jumping, etc.

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